Closed System Water Treatment


Closed System Water Treatment

Closed loop water systems are the most common heating systems and are used in a wide variety of industrial processes. Closed water systems have many advantages over open water systems, including increased efficiency and reduced maintenance requirements, but they should not be considered as maintenance-free.

Although they are not susceptible to outside contaminants or water loss, they can still be contaminated during routine maintenance and refurbishments. corrosion and microbiological contamination potentially entering the system are commonly known factors.

With these modern, energy-efficient systems being installed more and more – it is more important than ever to maintain the quality and integrity of the water and infrastructure that make up these closed water systems.

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Closed System Water Treatment

Water treatment for closed heating and cooling systems

BG 50/2021

Pre-commission cleaning of pipework systems

BG 29/2021

Sampling and monitoring of water from building services closed systems

BS 8552:2012

Closed-loop Pre-treatment Cleaning

Hydrosphere technology revolutionises the closed system cleaning process, saving you time, your profits and the planet. (20x less water and 40% time saved)

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